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Process a Sale – Hypercom T7Plus Credit Card Terminal

The Hypercom T7 Plus offers features such as a large keypad and a large paper-roll capacity.  It is also an economical credit card machine that is great for many types of businesses.  To run a sale on the Hypercom T7 Plus, follow the step-by-step instructions below. 1.  Swipe card or key in credit card number.  Press ENTER 2.  Enter expiration date.  Press ENTER 3.  Press 2=purchase 4.  If swiping card, go to #9.  When keying in, continue by Imprinting Card if applicable.  Press ENTER. 5.  Display [...]


Store and Forward Mode Capable Terminals – Hypercom

Store and Forward Mode is a great option for mobile merchants who process on the go.  Two machines that contain this feature are the Hypercom M4230 and the Hypercom T4205. To put your M4230 or T4205 into Store and Forward Mode, follow the simple steps below. 1.  Push the ENTER button 2.  Select the BATCH prompt 3.  Select the STORE & FORWARD prompt 4.  Select the CHANGE STORE & FORWARD MODE prompt 5.  Press ENTER for “YES” *To change your terminal back into online mode, follow [...]


Hypercom T7Plus Retail QRG – Quick Reference Guide

We know how important it is to have everything you need in order for your business to operate efficiently.  To assist with this effort, we have included a link to the Hypercom T7Plus Retail Quick Reference Guide below.  Just click and print! Hypercom T7Plus Retail Quick Reference Guide At National Payment Corporation, our goal is to provide our merchants with everything they need to process credit cards.  We have credit card machines, paper, and much more.  Call us today to get started, [...]