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Merchant Spotlight: Sauder Village

In the northwest corner of Ohio you will find a place that embraces the past and makes history come to life with a historic village.  Located in Archbold, Ohio,  Sauder Village has been in operation since 1976. Sauder Village is … Continue reading


Mobile Processing Making an Impact

With mobile processing becoming more available to merchants, many businesses who may not have considered accepting credit cards before are now making the switch.  With mobile processing equipment being simple to use, small in size, and requiring minimal installation, it … Continue reading


What is the CVV Code?

To start with, the CVV–or Card Verification Value– code has many other names and abbreviations, including CVV2, card security code (CSD), card verification data (CVD), and verification code (V-Code).  This code can be found on all major credit cards; on Visa, … Continue reading