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What is CIM?

What is CIM? – CIM is a tokenization solution that allows merchants to store their customers sensitive payment information on a secure server. How does CIM work? – CIM works by replacing all of the customers sensitive information with a … Continue reading


Payment Tokenization

To better understand what Payment Tokenization is, you can think of it this way; Imagine going into a casino with your Cash (fun right?) Once your there, you don’t use your cash at the tables you use Poker Chips instead. … Continue reading


Merchant Spotlight: Hammond’s Candies

  Over the past 90 years, Hammond’s Candies has reigned over the “Mile High” city of Denver, Colorado as a high quality candy manufacturer. Started in 1920 by Carl T. Hammond, Sr. when he was inspired to become an entrepreneur after … Continue reading


The NEW easy way to accept credit cards on the go – the NEW Square – Introducing FLINT!

The easiest way to accept credit cards on your mobile device without using a card reader or extra hardware! If you have your smart phone, you are accepting credit cards! Flint’s unique approach to processing is to use your phone’s … Continue reading