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Is Your Business Being Hacked today?

 Important Update – Carbanak Campaign   Payment card industry sources are reporting renewed and evolving efforts by the FIN7/Carbanak hacking group to target merchants with point-of-sale (POS) malware that is being delivered via spear-phishing and social engineering campaigns. Merchants in the restaurant and hospitality industries are being the most heavily targeted. Helpful Resources The resources at the links below provide further details on the attackers’ tactics as well as hash values of the malware in question: • •–Quietly-Creeping-into-Remote-Hosts/ •    


Peer-to-Peer Payments…the Future of Brick and Mortar?

With Apple, Android and Samsung all releasing mobile payment services and more and more stores upgrading their payment devices to accept these new integrated forms of payments…. companies of all size are betting big on in-store shopping. Larger retail players have even begun adding some exciting options for customers at their locations, Sephora is experimenting with augmented reality and beacons, even Best Buy and Nordstrom are now offering curbside pickup. This highly technological and personal focus is not surprising: [...]