Monthly Archives - June 2017

BULLETIN: SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been notified by several of our merchants about a great influx of deceptive solicitation calls and emails from other credit card processing companies who have become more crafty than ever.  Many processors will employ deceptive sales people because they are the ones that make the most sales due to their keen ability to manipulate victims into anything.  Please do not fall victim to their empty promises.   American Express is the main trigger for this informational bulletin as they [...]


Do any of your merchants need some cash for their business?

CASH ADVANCE We can get your merchant the cash they need, NOW!  The money can be paid back over time using credit card transactions.  FASTER Pre-Approval within 24 Hours! Cash within 7 working days! BETTER No personal guarantee for repayment! No collateral! No liens! No application fees! No fixed monthly payment!   SMARTER Improved Cash Flow – repayment is through a percentage of their future Visa/MasterCard receipts.  They pay us only when they make a sale! This will NOT affect their ability to qualify for other financing. They can use the Cash Advance [...]


Merchant Spotlight – Massage Bliss – June, 2017

At National Payment Corporation, good service has never been good enough.  Recently, we have received this testimony from Robert Bremer LMT, of Massage Bliss –   “To the outstanding team at NPC, Thank you for your personal service you have giving us over the past year. It is great to be able to talk to a person when calling about an issue we might be having. We have never had to talk to a computer and we very much appreciate that. Also, [...]