Do any of your merchants need some cash for their business?


We can get your merchant the cash they need, NOW!  The money can be paid back over time using credit card transactions.


Pre-Approval within 24 Hours!

Cash within 7 working days!


No personal guarantee for repayment!

No collateral!

No liens!

No application fees!

No fixed monthly payment!



Improved Cash Flow – repayment is through a percentage of their future Visa/MasterCard receipts.  They pay us only when they make a sale!

This will NOT affect their ability to qualify for other financing.

They can use the Cash Advance for ANY business purpose!



Apply in less than 10 minutes!

Over 90% Approval rate!


This is a great service that you can offer your merchants.  As the Sales Group….you will be making your portion of residual split so this can be a money maker for you too!!!

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