Cash Advance

Do any of your merchants need some cash for their business?

CASH ADVANCE We can get your merchant the cash they need, NOW!  The money can be paid back over time using credit card transactions.  FASTER Pre-Approval within 24 Hours! Cash within 7 working days! BETTER No personal guarantee for repayment! No collateral! No liens! No application fees! No fixed monthly payment!   SMARTER Improved Cash Flow – repayment is through a percentage of their future Visa/MasterCard receipts.  They pay us only when they make a sale! This will NOT affect their ability to qualify for other financing. They can use the Cash Advance [...]


Merchant Cash Advance

We know it takes money to run a business, especially if you are expanding or launching a new product.  That is why we offer cash advances as a way to get the funds your business needs to operate. A cash advance is a lump sum payment that can be paid back over time with your credit card transactions.   This allows for your business to continue having cash flow, with repayment being a percentage of your credit card sales. The application [...]