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Make a Big Difference in 2017 with these Small Changes!

Often, the most subtle changes can have the biggest impact in the “small business” environment. So in the spirit of the New Year keeping in line with resolutions, here are three simple changes you can  make to propel your “small business” to … Continue reading


Payment Tokenization

To better understand what Payment Tokenization is, you can think of it this way; Imagine going into a casino with your Cash (fun right?) Once your there, you don’t use your cash at the tables you use Poker Chips instead. … Continue reading


What is the CVV Code?

To start with, the CVV–or Card Verification Value– code has many other names and abbreviations, including CVV2, card security code (CSD), card verification data (CVD), and verification code (V-Code).  This code can be found on all major credit cards; on Visa, … Continue reading


Spyware Targeting POS Systems

As merchants, we know you are always following procedures to keep card information safe, but now there is a new threat that everyone needs to be aware of:  spyware and malware programs specifically targeting merchant point of sale (POS) systems. … Continue reading


Business Types and Why They Matter to Your Merchant Processor

In today’s age, being able to accept credit cards at your business is a necessity.  Most consumers don’t carry cash but will usually have a debit or credit card on them at any given time.  For business owners, this means … Continue reading


Verify Card vs. Cardholder

You have seen it before: you hand your card over to the cashier at your favorite fast food place, and even though your card clearly has the words, “Please see ID,” written on the back, no one actually asks to … Continue reading


NPC Mobile

How people pay for products is changing, and so is the credit card processing industry.  People don’t want to carry cash, but still expect to be able to pick up a handcrafted ceramic mug at a local festival, or pay … Continue reading


Accepting Credit Cards

In today’s marketplace it is wise to offer your customers the ability to use their credit cards for purchases.  The mention of this can make some merchants cringe due to price but it can be well worth the cost.  There … Continue reading