Benefits of Credit Card Acceptance

Make a Big Difference in 2017 with these Small Changes!

Often, the most subtle changes can have the biggest impact in the “small business” environment. So in the spirit of the New Year keeping in line with resolutions, here are three simple changes you can  make to propel your “small business” to the next level in 2017. Train, and then Train Some More… Not all retail jobs are created equal, what may be absolutely necessary for your employees will not be so at another business. One of the biggest turn offs for me [...]


Accepting Credit Cards

In today’s marketplace it is wise to offer your customers the ability to use their credit cards for purchases.  The mention of this can make some merchants cringe due to price but it can be well worth the cost.  There are many variables to consider. Some credit card processing companies charge over 5% plus additional transaction fees.  This can cut into your profit significantly.  At National Payment Corporation, we believe that credit card processing should be affordable on any budget.  [...]