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BULLETIN: SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been notified by several of our merchants about a great influx of deceptive solicitation calls and emails from other credit card processing companies who have become more crafty than ever.  Many processors will employ deceptive sales people because … Continue reading


Is Your Business Being Hacked today?

 Important Update – Carbanak Campaign   Payment card industry sources are reporting renewed and evolving efforts by the FIN7/Carbanak hacking group to target merchants with point-of-sale (POS) malware that is being delivered via spear-phishing and social engineering campaigns. Merchants in … Continue reading


8 Payment Security Tips for Small to Medium Sized Business

With the variety of payment options available to customers, the growth of mobile purchases, and the increased sophistication of cyber-attacks, SMBs must take extra precautions.Here are eight payment security recommendations all Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) should follow:     … Continue reading


The Security Benefits of EMV Compliant Cards

 In 1994, Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) began development of a new type of credit card to deliver higher security for both the merchant and the consumer. The companies recognized the benefits of utilizing chip technology on payment cards instead … Continue reading


Warning Signs of Fraud

With Holiday shopping in full swing we have lots to look forward to. Unfortunately with the rise in sales comes a rise in Fraudulent Activity. Below are some helpful tips you can use to protect your business.  Look Out For … Continue reading


Are you Playing It safe at the Point of Sale?

Here are a couple quick checks that can be done to make sure the card presented is not counterfeit:   When the Customer Presents a Visa Card: Check the card’s security features to make sure the card has not been … Continue reading


What is the CVV Code?

To start with, the CVV–or Card Verification Value– code has many other names and abbreviations, including CVV2, card security code (CSD), card verification data (CVD), and verification code (V-Code).  This code can be found on all major credit cards; on Visa, … Continue reading


Address Verification (AVS)

For merchants who key-enter transactions, it is important to remember the extra steps that need to be taken to verify the cardholder.   This can be the case for merchants who take card numbers by mail, over the phone, or even … Continue reading


Spyware Targeting POS Systems

As merchants, we know you are always following procedures to keep card information safe, but now there is a new threat that everyone needs to be aware of:  spyware and malware programs specifically targeting merchant point of sale (POS) systems. … Continue reading


Verify Card vs. Cardholder

You have seen it before: you hand your card over to the cashier at your favorite fast food place, and even though your card clearly has the words, “Please see ID,” written on the back, no one actually asks to … Continue reading