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Peer-to-Peer Payments…the Future of Brick and Mortar?

With Apple, Android and Samsung all releasing mobile payment services and more and more stores upgrading their payment devices to accept these new integrated forms of payments…. companies of all size are betting big on in-store shopping. Larger retail players … Continue reading


What would you do if a website you frequent suffered a security attack or data breach?

Recent studies show that more than two-thirds (68 per cent) of online users will immediately stop using a retailer’s website once a data breach is reported. Theft of credit card information is seen as the biggest threat to privacy when … Continue reading


5 Reasons To Partner With NPC

Partner with NPC Financial Institution Partnerships We know how important attracting profitable customers and maintaining long-term relationships are to your financial institution…. that’s why we offer a True Residual Share based on merchant’s gross profit.     Q: What are … Continue reading


Make a Big Difference in 2017 with these Small Changes!

Often, the most subtle changes can have the biggest impact in the “small business” environment. So in the spirit of the New Year keeping in line with resolutions, here are three simple changes you can  make to propel your “small business” to … Continue reading


Why Eliminate Paper Checks in 2014??

It is essential for companies that want to stay competitive to capitalize on new trends.  Despite this need for streamlining payment options, many businesses continue the more costly practices that their customers have grown accustomed to.  Studies show that paper … Continue reading