Mobile Payments

Apple Pay…Safer than Traditional Methods?

With one million credit card activation’s within the first 72 hours of being available, Apple Pay is the largest mobile payment system to date, claimed Apple CEO Tim Cook at the WSJD Live Global Technology conference in October of 2015. With the mobile payment space, still being so new it is hard to tell what those amazing numbers mean economically. The recent and very public data breaches Target and JP Morgan suffered resulting in millions of stolen credit card numbers [...]


Sales Tips – Featuring Apple Pay

With this ever-changing industry, we stay on the cutting edge of credit card processing technology.  Apple Pay has recently reported that they have had an astonishing 50% increase in credit card transaction growth from December 2015 – December 2016.  Did you know that the VeriFone VX520 CTLS is capable of accommodating Apple Pay right now?  This is a great selling tool for the VX520 as it is just another benefit we can offer our merchants.  Each of your merchant’s [...]


Make a Big Difference in 2017 with these Small Changes!

Often, the most subtle changes can have the biggest impact in the “small business” environment. So in the spirit of the New Year keeping in line with resolutions, here are three simple changes you can  make to propel your “small business” to the next level in 2017. Train, and then Train Some More… Not all retail jobs are created equal, what may be absolutely necessary for your employees will not be so at another business. One of the biggest turn offs for me [...]