PCI Compliance Part Two: Data Scan

Welcome to PCI Compliance Part Two!  Last week we gave you an overview of PCI Compliance Part One, the Self Assessment Questionnaire–read it here: PCI Compliance Part One For those of you who process credit cards via a virtual terminal, your Web site, or a credit card terminal running over an Internet connection, you are required to complete a Data Scan on your IP address.  After you complete the questionnaire, whether online or over the phone, you will be asked [...]


PCI Compliance Part One: Self Assessment Questionnaire

As a merchant, you are probably aware of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards  (PCI DSS), but may not know all the details and steps to compliance.  For an introduction, check out our first article here: PCI Compliance The first step in becoming compliant is completing the Self Assessment Questionnaire, or SAQ.  There are a few different ways to complete the SAQ: online, on paper, or by calling your merchant service provider’s PCI department.  There are several categories of [...]


PCI Compliance

PCI DSS—Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards–is something all merchants are required to be aware of and comply with.  We know it may seem like just another thing processors attach to merchant accounts, but it is important to know the reason behind it.  First and foremost, PCI was established by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover (the “Card Brands”).  Compliance with PCI is a requirement from the Card Brands, and is important to not be overlooked by merchants.  Essentially, [...]