Technical Support

24/7/365 Support– We All Offer It, But What Does it Mean?

Most companies will tell you they offer 24/7/365 customer support, but don’t usually specify what this means to you as the customer.   At National Payment Corporation we provide customer service to each and every one of our merchants, no matter what time of the day!  Merchants can reach a support specialist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our dedicated phone line, 1-800-683-2289.  With experienced and knowledgeable support staff answering the phone, our customer service stands above [...]


Gold Service Package

There are many options available with signing into a merchant account.  One option that sets us apart from the rest is the Gold Service Package.  Overall this provides merchants with the supplies and service they need at any time while their account is open with us. This package is available to merchants for $11.95 per month, and provides unlimited supplies such as printer receipt paper and sales draft paper.  Not only this, but with this package you will also have [...]


We Answer Your Call Within Three Rings

At National Payment Corporation our priority is you.  Not only do we provide economical processing solutions and industry-leading equipment, but we also have a three-ring phone policy.  What this means for you: a guaranteed answer within three rings! We understand that questions come up while running a sale or settling a batch, and we want to let you know that that is completely OK.  We have experts here ready to take your call, and to make sure your business continues [...]