What would you do if a website you frequent suffered a security attack or data breach?

What would you do if a website you frequent suffered a security attack or data breach?

Recent studies show that more than two-thirds (68 per cent) of online users will immediately stop using a retailer’s website once a data breach is reported. Theft of credit card information is seen as the biggest threat to privacy when online, it is this concern over privacy and the safety of personal information along with fears over fake or fraudulent websites that prevent people from shopping online; In fact 32% of polled shoppers even stated that they will not use online platforms to make payments/purchases. According to a survey commissioned by information security and risk management firm NTT Com Security.

When asked about the survey results, Stuart Reed, senior director of global product marketing at NTT Com Security, said, “While a significant minority says it would carry on using a site if it suffered a data breach, the majority would not – and this is lost business that will be very difficult to get back. It appears that concerns over theft and privacy of personal information is still a very real concern for people considering using services and shopping online.”

Given the number and scale of data breaches this year, it’s no surprise that people are concerned, he said.

Reed continued, “Absolute confidence in a site’s ability to protect personal information is integral to consumer trust. So it’s vital that businesses can demonstrate this by doing the basics well.”


This is why it is so important as a merchant to remain PCI DSS Compliant!

At National Payment Corporation we make this as easy for you as possible, with automated warning messages through your “mymerchantdata” portal, as well as providing concierge support to all merchants to help with more complicated questions or scan issues, you will have access to our PCI Help Desk.

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