Refund – Hypercom M4230 Wireless Credit Card Terminal

The Hypercom M4230 credit card machine is a reliable, wireless processing solution that offers several options to users.   To refund a transaction, follow the straightforward instructions below.

1.  Choose REFUND

2.  Enter your password, choose ENTER

3.  Swipe the credit card (skip to step 6) or key enter in credit card number

4.  Enter in the expiration date (mm/yy), choose ENTER

5.  Enter in the cashier number, choose ENTER

6.  Enter in the amount, choose ENTER

7.  The approval number will be displayed on the screen and on the receipt that prints out

At National Payment Corporation, our customers are our priority.  We strive for excellence when it comes to credit card processing.  Give us a call today at 800-455-4577.

Hypercom M4230 Wireless Credit Card Terminal

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